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 To become a client of the Internet – shop, it is necessary to register and make an Order. In the Internet shop an invoice will be issued for you and the purchase price will be fixed for 24 hours. It is required for you to pay for the ordered bars within 24 hours and send a copy of your payment by e-mail or to attach to a message on our web site. If payment confirmation is not received within 24 hours, Buyer’s order will be cancelled.

The Company specializes on the sale of investment Swiss and German Gold bars from 1 to 100 grams, as they are the most popular and affordable gold bars for the most of the population.

    At single purchases, you can make an Order for any amount

The Company charges fee at the rate of 10% for processing and maintenance of Buyer’s order over the whole period, which is deducted at the end of order execution; the Company pays most of the charged fee as Leadership Program reward.

  It will be stored in specialized and certified depositories of gold in Switzerland and Germany.

You can get the bars at the places of their storage by prior arrangement with our Company. Prior application should be submitted at least 7 days before.

Within the EU and in those countries where there is no VAT and import duties, investment gold bars are delivered by an insured post. Possibility of gold bars delivery to other countries is discussed when ordering for logistics reasons. Buyer enters into obligation to choose the way of gold bars receipt.

All costs associated with investment gold receipt are born by the Buyer

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