About Swissgolden

Swissgolden is an online shop for purchase and sales of an investment gold bars. Gold bars are bought and sold on the internet.

It is a company dedicated to the marketing of investment gold bars purity 24 carat 999.9%. It is an online store for direct purchase of ingots of different weights.

Swissgolden works with internationally renowned companies such as UBS, one of the most important financial centers in Switzerland and UK. They are also in partnership with Argor, Heraus, Valcambi, Umicore and Metalor Technologies. These companies are the best manufacturer of gold bullions in the world.

COMPANY NAME : Swissgolden Corporation

Registration Number: 1717837

Registered in the British Virgin Islands

Swissgolden is a legal business was registered on June 14, 2012 in the British Virgin Islands and has its headquarter there. It was launched in the market on February 1, 2013 with administrative offices located in London.                        

The company does not manufacture Gold but works with very high and reputable Gold Manufacturers and these are: ARGORg HERAUS, Valcambi, Umicore and Metalor Technologies. The Swissgolden Internet – shop is intended for purchase and sale of an investment gold in bars.

It has a marketing program, which anyone can participate with a minimum purchase of gold and make huge profits in gold bullion. Swissgolden encourages all to save their money in Gold because its the smartest to do because gold does not depreciate in value.. Saving your money (Cash) in the bank is ok but will lose value overtime (Depreciation) but if you invest or save your money in Gold by acquiring some Gold bars from our company, your money is safe and of course will appreciate in value over time as we all know Gold is ever green and keeps appreciating.

Gold investment bullions Swissgolden from 1 to 100 grams are made according to the LBMA recommendations and meet all requirements of the “Good Delivery” specification:

On the front side of a bullion there is information about brand of the company («SG», «Swissgolden»), metal purity («Fine Gold 999,9»), its weight and serial number;

The backside contains an image of company’s trademark (“SG”)..

Moreover, the Swissgolden is the first company on the investment gold market that applied to its gold products some modern technical solutions among them three degrees of additional protection:

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