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    About us

Who we are

GOLDBIZZ is a team of intellectually vibrant young minds that specialize in the art of buying and selling gold through the SWISSGOLDEN platform. As a valuable commodity, Gold has been able to preserve its worth over centuries.

Our vision

At GOLDBIZZ, we mentor and assist people gain economic and financial freedom by capitalizing on huge turnover of investment on Gold trade.

Our Service


Our well trained professionals assist prospective clients on the best way to invest in gold through the SWISSGOLDEN platform.


We provide proffessional advice and expertise on gold investment and guidiance on how to maximize profit.


Our well grounded professionals periodically enlighten and sensitize the general public on the investment opportunities abound in the art of trading in gold. 

        Swissgolden platform

About Swissgolden

Swissgolden is an online shop for purchase and sales of an investment goldin bars. Gold bars are bought and sold on the internet.

How to Start

Swissgolden has an online shop and MLM program, which is the investmet in gold bars. It is a simple mlm structure that is attendable.

Why Swissgolden?

Lots of people are scared to invest in swissgolden because of their experience with ponzi scheme. However, it is important to note that swissgolden is not

Make Order

To invest in Gold requires huge fund but swissgolden platform has provide different investment plans to allow people with low income to invest in gold

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Swissgolden is the next big thing

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What Earners SAY!!!!

“when I was asked to join swissgolden, I outrightly declined but shortly after ,

I realized the people I told about it started making millions

and I later asked myself the questions below; 

which bank will pay me such interest on financial investment in the bank? 

which property will I buy and generate such interest? 

how long will it take me to spend such money when I leave in my ATM fixed account? 

Then why not invest in a business that will continually pay me interest throught my lifetime! 

My brother swissgolden changes life, don't waste time , join the millionaires' now. ”

“I joined swissgolden in Nov and I have earned my bonus of 1.1million naira. I encourage Nigerians to join swissgolden in order to make ends make ends meet in this time of recession & inflation. Swissgolden is real, its the way forward. You invest once and you are relaxed. You only start with 140k and qualify to earn by referring 2 downlines. 

Invest today. Time is golden.


“My Swissgolden testimony.... Swissgolden made me a millionaire with investment of just 220€, splitting my tables And earn over 3million in less than business pays heavily.”

“I’ve never been so happy with my choice of investment since I found the SwissGolden Team Sparta. We all have worked together and the results are worth every time spent. Presentations and seminars are top notch. Ordinary people are earning. Gold is indeed the best way to protect our savings”


 To become a client of the Internet – shop, it is necessary to register and make an Order. In the Internet shop an invoice will be issued for you and the purchase price will be fixed for 24 hours. It is required for you to pay for the ordered bars within 24 hours and send a copy of your payment by e-mail or to attach to a message on our web site. If payment confirmation is not received within 24 hours, Buyer’s order will be cancelled.

The Company specializes on the sale of investment Swiss and German Gold bars from 1 to 100 grams, as they are the most popular and affordable gold bars for the most of the population.

 At single purchases, you can make an Order for any amount

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